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Krinos Foods, Inc. Krinos New York Siteis North America's largest importer, distributor and manufacturer of Greek specialty foods with plants in New York, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto. We import and manufacture over 500 frozen, refrigerated and dry foods including cheeses, olives, olive oil, pasta, beans, peppers, yogurt, condiments, and confectionery. In addition, we import a variety of beverages including coffees, teas, juices, sodas, and nectars as well as beer and wine.
Krinos Montreal SiteIn addition to our own labels, we represent many well-known brands amongst which are Apollo, Athens, Attiki, Florina, Haitoglou, Hermes, Horio, Macedonian, Melissa, Mevgal, Minerva, Mythos, Sarantis, Stella, Vlaha, Yiotis and Zanae. We distribute our products to supermarkets, gourmet stores, ethnic markets, hotels, restaurants and various other food service establishments across the US and Canada.
Krinos Toronto SiteWhile most of our products are prepared in state-of-the-art facilities using highly automated techniques, we are committed to maintaining the authenticity and homemade quality of certain traditional products. As a result, we produce select items by hand according to ageless culinary traditions.
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