DURU Cranberry Beans (Barbunya Fasulye) 1kg

DURU Red Kidney Beans (Barbunya Fasulye)
1kg bag

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Cranberry Beans are plump, medium-sized beige colored beans with beautiful red streaks that disappear once the beans are cooked. A sister to Borlotti Beans, and often used interchangeably in recipes, Cranberry Beans are softer and creamier in texture than pinto and kidney beans. Duru Cranberry Beans (Barbunya Fasülye) have a delicately sweet and nutty flavor. To bring out the subtle earthy goodness of these special beans, you will want to soak them overnight before cooking them. Cranberry Beans are a wonderful ingredient for soups, stews, side dishes – and even pasta! If you’re making Pasta e Fagioli or Minestrone Soup, these are the beans for you! Duru Cranberry Beans also make a wonderful side dish, with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Add spinach or kale, and veggie or meat sausage, for a heartwarming stew on a cold night. Once you start experimenting with Duru Cranberry beans, your culinary imagination will be inspired! Use Duru Barbunya Fasülye used to make a cranberry bean hummus or a lighter version of Mexican refried beans. Cranberry beans are rich in protein and fiber, an excellent source of potassium, copper and iron and a good source of folate. These delicious beans help with satiety, digestion and building muscle. Because they are low on the glycemic index, Duru Cranberry Beans are a wonderful source of protein for diabetics. Duru was founded in Turkey in 1935 by brothers Ziya and Ihsan Duru as a bulgur business. Today, Duru is still a family-owned enterprise: offering our customers nutritious, high-quality natural grains, rice and beans using sustainable agriculture and environmental practices.


Item Package: 1kg bag
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 8.3 x 6.1 x 1.6
Item weight (lbs): 2.25
Country of Origin: Turkey
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Cranberry beans.