KRAS Zele Kristal Jelly Candy 200g

KRAS Zele Kristal Jelly Candy
200g bag

Item #:71407

Since our founding in 1911, Kraš confectioners have drawn on a long tradition of quality and craftsmanship to bring extra sweetness and joy into the lives of people of all ages. Kraš Zele Kristal Jellies are one of our most popular offerings. Each bag contains a colorful assortment of lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry and lime jellies all coated in a light dusting of granulated sugar. Bursting with all-natural fruit flavors, these soft and chewy candies have just the right balance of sweetness and tang. Because of our jellies are bright and colorful – each jelly has a different flavor and shape – they make lovely cupcake and cake decorations. If you like eating candy with salted popcorn, don’t forget to bring a bag of Kraš ┼Żele Bomboni Jellies the next time you go to the movies!


UPC: 3850102212613
Item Package: 200g bag
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 4.8 x 0.7 x 7.2
Item weight (lbs): 0.2
Country of Origin: Croatia
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelling agent: pectin, acid: citric acid, artificial flavors, natural flavors, colors (anthocyanins, copper complexes of chlorophyllins, paprika, curcumin).