MEDITERRANEAN PITA Whole Wheat Pita Bread 10pc

MEDITERRANEAN PITA Whole Wheat Pita Bread (7 inch)
10pc bag

Item #:26003

Dream up a sandwich, panini or flatbread idea and, chances are it will taste delicious with a toasted pita! A staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, pita is the perfect pocket for hummus, falafel and veggie sandwiches – and a “must” for Greek gyro sandwiches. Since 1964, we have been making our light, soft Mediterranean Whole Wheat Pita in Astoria, NY. We make our artisanal bread using old-world recipes and the highest quality ingredients. For a delicious accompaniment to creamy tomato soup, top our pita with grated cheese and toast lightly. Or cut our pita into triangles, drizzle with olive oil and your favorite herbs, spices and grated cheese, and toast for savory homemade pita chips. No sugar, no cholesterol and no trans fats.


Item Package: 10pc bag
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 6.6 x 6.6 x 3.1
Item weight (lbs): 1.8
Country of Origin: United States
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Unbleached stone ground whole wheat high protein flour, milk free (soy protein concentrate, wheat flour, lactic acid, enzymes and natural flavors), dough conditioners (wheat flour mono and diglycerides, calcium carbonate, soy oil, salt, ascorbic acid, ada, ammonium sulfate, enzymes, sodium meta bisulfate, potassium iodate, water, yeast, salt, baking powder. Preservatives less than 1% calcium propionate, potassium sorbate.  Contains wheat and soy.