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SARANTIS S.A. was founded in 1928 on the island of Chios. Today, Sarantis is a leading company in the wider field of confectionery products. The range of the company’s products is present in many other countries worldwide, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Germany where they acquire a constantly increasing number of loyal customers. 

SARANTIS. A sweet world dedicated to the sense of taste! The excellent quality of the fruits and other ingredients in the production of SARANTIS products, are completely harmonized with the contemporary and, most importantly, with the health nutrition demands. At the same time, the advanced industrial technology and the strict quality control specifications, that are maintained at all stages of the production process- from the supply and the production to the packaging, storage and distribution – guarantee a high quality product. 

The authenticity and the uniqueness of the traditional sweet spoonfuls and the other SARANTIS products, bring every moment the pleasure and the images of the Greek way of life. Within the family or with friends and beloved persons SARANTIS products “stand out” regardless of the way they are served! 

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