APIKOGLU Kasap Soujouk

APIKOGLU Kasap Halal Soujouk
1lb vac pack

Item #:26004

If you grew up in Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East or Central Asia, you will be familiar with Soujouk, a wonderfully spicy, dried beef sausage. Also known as sucuk, sudžuk, and more – soujouk is revered for its dense, chewy texture and deep flavor profile. While many cultures enjoy soujouk an appetizer or in a sandwich (after removing the sausage casing), Turkish-style soujouk truly shines when cooked! We make our Kasap Halal Soujouk in the United States, with butcher’s-grade beef using the Apikoglu family’s traditional recipe. The secret to the goodness of our sausage starts with the premium quality beef and signature seasonings including garlic and hot red pepper. Pan sauté or grill our sausage sliced or diced – no need to add butter or oil – and the culinary possibilities for Apikoglu Kasap Halal Soujouk will inspire you! Grilling soujouk will release some of the fat and take the meat to new heights of deliciousness. Add to an egg scramble or frittata. Use as a topping on homemade pizza or flatbread instead of pepperoni or chorizo. Serve in a lavash bread or on a hot dog roll, with your favorite condiments. In Turkey, soujouk is a classic component in two delicious baked sausage and egg dishes: Sucuklu Yumurta, also prepared with cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onion, paprika and olive oil – and Menemen, a soft scrambled egg dish also made with chilis, tomatoes, peppers and lots of olive oil. Soujouk is also traditionally enjoyed with braised white cabbage and a side of mashed potatoes – and in Kuru Fasulye, the unofficial national stew of Turkey, made with navy beans and tomatoes. Once you try Apikoglu Kasap Halal Soujouk, you will find it adds smoky depth and beefy goodness to soups, stews and chilis.


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Item Package: 1lb vac pack
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 7.5 x 4.6 x 1.1
Item weight (lbs): 1.1
Country of Origin: United States
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Beef, spices, garlic, salt, dextrose, hot red pepper, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, lactic acid starter culture.