Every meal tastes better seasoned with Vegeta

With the summer grilling season upon us, take the flavors of your meats, salads and vegetables up a notch with the best-selling seasoning in Europe – Podravka’s Vegeta! This all-purpose seasoning is made from a special blend of the finest vegetables, herbs, spices and select natural ingredients. Vegeta will add garden fresh aroma, full body taste and mouth-watering complexity to all your meals. With no artificial flavors and no preservatives, Vegeta is available in various sizes.

Make Vegeta seasoning part of your everyday cooking


Melissa Pasta

It’s Pasta Night with Melissa

Pasta is a long-time staple of the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet, and no pasta is more classic than spaghetti. Made from sun-drenched Mediterranean grains, Melissa Spaghetti #6 brings the authentic taste of spaghetti to your family’s dinner table. Enjoy Melissa pasta with any imaginable sauce - from marinara to carbonara to puttanesca.

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Red Mullet Baked in Grape Leaves

Red Mullet Baked in Grape leaves

Red Mullet is a very highly esteemed fish in the Greek and Mediterranean world in general. A simple to make but also special dish to offer. Grape leaves not only keep the fish moist and protects it from direct contact to flame but also impart a delicate sour and smoky flavor to it.

Enjoy this elegant and flavorful choice of grilled fish