Amita juice drinks – every fruit-lover’s favorite.

Amita juice drinks are rich in vitamins and bursting with flavor. A delicious base for a fruit smoothie. Amita juice drinks are available in popular Sour Cherry, Peach, Orange/Apricot/Apple and the energy-boosting Motion Multivitamin juice (with a combination of six fruit juices). Amita juice drinks pair beautifully with sparkling water or as a fruity addition to your favorite cocktail.

Quench your thirst with Amita fruit drinks.

Delamaris – Heart-healthy and delicious fish.

Delamaris fish products are healthy, versatile and suitable for any occasion. Ranging from fish with vegetables and fillets of mackerel and sardines, to tuna pâtés, Delamaris is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and vitamins B, D and E. For a quick snack or appetizer, enjoy our all-natural fish right out of the tin or serve on crackers or toast with a squeeze of lemon and pinch of parsley.

Add Delamaris to your weekly shopping list.

A Greek Twist on Pizza

As a snack or a light meal, our Greek Pizza is delicious and easy to prepare. You, your family and friends will enjoy this healthful vegetarian dish – made with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, Kalamata olives, garlic, oregano and Kasseri cheese – all on a light and crispy phyllo crust. Pizza is from Italy, but this recipe is 100% Greek.

Treat your family to Greek Pizza this week.