New Cheeses! Krinos White and Danish White

Krinos White and Krinos Danish White are cylindrical-shaped cheeses made with pure cow’s milk. With a tangy, slightly salty flavor - similar to Greek Feta - these cheeses are perfect for meze platters, omelets, burek pies, casseroles and pasta dishes. And they’re low in fat and a rich source of protein and calcium.

Try Krinos White and Krinos Danish White

A New Taste in Sausages - Cevapi

Cevapi are hand-shaped, skin-less sausages that are a popular street food in the Balkans. Cevapi are best served with several stuffed into pita bread and garnished with sliced onions and a roasted red pepper spread called Ajvar.

Grill up Cevapi at your next Summer cookout
Creamy Eggplant Dip

Creamy Eggplant Dip

Summer is the season for eggplant and one of the best things you can prepare is this tasty dip that combines pureed eggplant with tahini. Serve Creamy Eggplant Dip with pita bread as part of a crudité or meze platter. Your guests will eat it up.

Add Creamy Eggplant Dip to your next cocktail party