KRINOS Italian Feta Cheese Appr 35kg

KRINOS Italian Feta Cheese
Approx 65lb plastic pail

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Feta is a quintessentially Greek cheese, with roots dating back 8,000 years to Crete – and a first literary mention in Homer’s Odyssey. Italian Feta production dates back to the late 15th century, thanks to a visit to Crete by Pietro Casola who documented the traditional production methods. While the origin of Feta is Greek, the name of this cheese comes from the Italian word “Fetta” or “slice”, a reference to the shape of Feta when it is classically aged and brined. Krinos Italian Feta Cheese is made in Sardinia from the pure milk of sheep herds grazing freely in lush pastures bordering the Mediterranean Sea. While our cheese has the same crumbly texture as Greek Feta, Italian Feta Cheese is prized for being milder and less tangy in flavor. An excellent table cheese drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs, Krinos Italian Feta is perfect for homemade bruschetta, panini and pizzas. For a delicious summer pasta, sauté garlic and olive oil, coat the pasta in the “Aglio et Olio” mixture, add fresh sliced cherry tomatoes, freshly torn basil, olives and sprinkle our crumbled feta on top! With its milder flavor, Krinos Italian Feta is also a great choice for dessert preparations and served with fresh grapes or figs. A great source of calcium, protein and gut-healthy probiotics, Krinos Italian Feta is very low in fat, making it a healthy alternative to richer cheeses.


Item Package: Approx 65lb plastic pail
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 0 x 0 x 0
Item weight (lbs): 0
Country of Origin: Italy
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
100% pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, cultures, rennet.