Jami Kore for Gibanica Phyllo Sheets 12/450g

JAMI Phyllo for Gibanica (Kore)
450g roll

Item #:82101

If there is a signature dish in the Balkans it would be Gibanica, a savory pie made with a generous mélange of cheeses, eggs and herbs nestled between stacks of crispy phyllo. Kore, also known as “phyllo,” “jufka” and “fillo,” are paper-thin sheets of unleavened dough that have been a mainstay of Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine since the Ottoman Era. Traditional Gibanica include a mixture of cow’s milk Feta, kaymak or sirene, cottage cheese, sour cream and eggs. These delicious family-sized pies are enjoyed at every meal, usually with sour cream. Other popular fillings include spinach, nettles, potatoes, onions and ground meat. These delicious savory pies are usually made as “gužvara,” with the middle kore layers crumpled and filled. Jami Phyllo for Gibanica is the perfect flaky dough for making homemade Prekmurska Gibanica, a classic sweet pie featuring layers of poppy seeds, walnuts, apple and raisins and cottage cheese (or quark) between stacks of phyllo dough and baked until golden brown. But there is no need to stop at the classics! Jami Phyllo for Gibanica can be folded, layered, ruffled and rolled with the sweet and savory ingredients of your choosing. Because Jufka is low in fat and cholesterol, it is a healthier alternative to regular and puff pastry dough.


UPC: 3871832 009489
Item Package: 450g roll
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 13.6 x 1.9 x 1
Item weight (lbs): 1
Country of Origin: Bosnia
Storage: Keep frozen.
Wheat flour, water, sunflower oil, corn starch, salt, wheat gluten, preservative, emulsifier, flour treatment.