Jams & Preserves

Our thick jams have a high fruit content and are deliciously flavorful.  They are perfect for use on muffins, toasts, bagels or as an accompaniment to cheese.  Our preserves are also known as spoon sweets. Serving spoon sweets to visitors is a rich cultural tradition. Guests are greeted with small ramekins of the sweets, accompanied by a tall glass of water with a spoon or a hot cup of coffee to cut the sweetness. Preserves are also superb as a topping to pies, cakes, ice cream and yogurt. Their flavors can be derived from fruits as well as nuts and even vegetables. Sour cherry is one of the most common varieties but the options are plentiful: fig, rose, orange peel, quince and tomato. Others include vanilla, mahlepi (similar to a cherry flavor) and mastic (similar to a blend of licorice, mint and pine).