KRINOS Long Stemmed Artichokes 5lb

KRINOS Long Stemmed Artichokes
5lb bag

Item #:02088

Our tender long-stemmed artichoke quarters are prepared Roman Style in oil and vinegar with garlic, capers and Italian spices. Delicious served on their own or tossed in salads, Krinos Long Stemmed Artichokes are bound to please your palate. They are also perfect complement to any antipasti or meze platter. The culinary possibilities are endless for these palate-pleasing marinated artichokes. For a delectable sauce, sauté the artichokes with olive oil, sliced mushrooms, white wine and lemon. This sauce pairs beautifully with sautéed chicken, pork or and shrimp and angel hair pasta.


UPC: 075013020888
Item Package: 5lb bag
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 10.9 x 7.4 x 2.3
Item weight (lbs): 5
Country of Origin: Peru
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Artichokes (artichokes, sunflower oil, distilled vinegar, salt, citric acid, spices (garlic, parsley, oregano, black pepper), ascorbic acid),  capers (capers, water, salt), dehydrated minced garlic, oregano.