KRINOS Lite Taramosalata 8oz

KRINOS Lite Taramosalata
8oz jar

Item #:17002

Health-minded lovers of Taramosalata love Krinos Lite Taramosalata, with 50% fewer calories than our original, and all of the flavor. A signature item on Greek Meze platters, Taramosalata is a Greek caviar spread made with “tarama,” delicate fish roe. To make our delicious creamy spread, we naturally cure and age our tarama for more than a year and then blend the tiny eggs with lemon juice, oil and seasonings. With a delicate palate-pleasing saltiness, this Greek delicacy is perfect for aperitifs and crudité platters. Serve with unsalted crackers, warm pita or on cucumber slices. Or enjoy on a hot baked potato. 


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Item Package: 8oz jar
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Country of Origin: United States
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Salted fish roe (Carp, Pollock, Cod, Haddock and/or Ling Roe, salt), tapioca starch, potato flakes, canola oil, water, lemon juice, natural coloring, Acetic acid and Lactic acid 
(acidifying agents), Natamycin (natural preservative).