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Tahini - sesame seeds ground to a thick paste - is a superfood high in protein and unsaturated fat, and rich in vitamins, including five vitamin Bs and E. It also delivers several minerals including calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, among others. This versatile ingredient is used to flavor chickpea and eggplant spreads as well as many soups. A popular regional pasta sauce is prepared by mixing tahini with yogurt, lemon and olive oil. Tahini is also the base for many sweets including halvah, the fiber-rich, filling snack and dessert that is among the most popular delights across the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is also used in several traditional cakes. Its high protein, hunger-sating qualities make tahini an ideal ingredient for Lenten table specialties. It is becoming more mainstream, of late, as a nut-free alternative for many sweet and savory recipes.

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