KRINOS Halloumi Cheese Gold Sheep's Milk 225g

KRINOS Halloumi Cheese Gold Sheep's Milk
225g vac pack

Item #:22238

A popular pantry staple throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, Halloumi Cheese is still produced according to a centuries-old tradition on the Greek Island of Cyprus. Krinos Sheep’s Milk Halloumi Cheese is semi-hard and slightly springy in texture, with a delicate, slightly salty flavor. Because of its high melt point, Halloumi is a natural for pan frying, grilling and barbecuing. Our Halloumi Cheese is delicious pan-friend or grilled in a Halloumi Salad or Halloumi sandwich. For a scrumptious and savory brunch item, serve on slices of roasted tomato and top with poached eggs. 


UPC: 2929109002266
Item Package: 225g vac pack
Item dimensions - LxWxH (inches): 3.8 x 3.1 x 1.3
Item weight (lbs): 0.55
Country of Origin: Cyprus
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Sheep's milk, non-animal rennet, salt, mint.